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About Us

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About GISforAfrica

GISforAfrica is a social technology of a system of conscious and purposeful organization of persons and other resourses in which every actual or natural organizations finds its true place in harmony and cooperation to realise an increasing aggregate of better proportions of health wealth, beauty, knowledge, Sociability and rightnness.


About 3LX

GISforAfrica is adopted by 3LX to foster socio-economic development and growth in Africa through events and programs.



All our operations are made possile by our three major Institutions

Anyone who can read and write can become a user of the GISforAfrica technology including secondary schools, students, undergraduates, professionals, politicians and decision makers.
GISforAfrica connects users to innovative approach to living a better life.
Bond Society is a group of society builders regarded as entrepreneures that consciously provide solution to africa community problems.
Extensions are centers that subscribe to GISforAfricapolicies and events.

Our Team

The faces behind our offices

Ogheneochuko Olemu

Founder and Developer

Geophysicist, Content Developer and Educator.

Idris Apanpa

Associate Developer

Designer, Programmer and Educator.

Oghenerukevwe Adeoye

Dean of Learners

Business Administrator, Trader and counselor

Mary Adeyemo

President of Bond Society

Writter, journalist and Actress.