Admission Procedures

Read through these steps and click on understood when you are done.

Step 1
Sign Up as an entrepreneur by filling the form that comes when you are done reading this steps

Step 2
You will receive a response from the office of the CEO welcoming you to the labour force of the society with the agreement which you are required to read, understand and sign. This process will confirm you as a bonafide entrepreneur in the society.

Step 3
The COO will request for your business plan, however a default template will be sent to you which you will only need to fill and submit.

Step 4
President of the society will send you details about available investment and reward plans. You will be requested to choose a plan if you haven’t chosen one in the sign up form and you will be introduced to the befitting department your product falls into and introduce you to your departmental obligations.

Step 5
The Governor of the extension which you fall under its jurisdiction will send you a memo introducing you to your extension and possible mergers and various types of financial benefits.

Step 6
The Queen of the society will send you the total summary of your commitment and update you on reports of your commitment, daily, weekly and monthly.