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Adeyemo Mary

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Mary was born on the 5th of august 2000, she attended S.t Micheal primary school, Akanran for her primary education. She likes any nutritious food that tastes good. Her dream is to become a Freelancer Journalist so that she can be the voice and ears of the general public. She intends to change the world by making information get to the right receiver on time.

Mary is the third born of her family and she sees her siblings as her role models. They are good people with vast experience and exposure. She has managed to win the love of the majority of her colleagues at excellent height college where he is receiving her secondary and livelihood education.

Mary became the president of the Bond Society in 2015 and she has done amazingly well as a young girl who is always willing to learn and work. She is known for her firmness, and maturity and beauty.